While we certainly don’t want to rush August along—hello, September long weekend!— the hottest fall beauty trends, full of rich plums and varying, season-appropriate textures, have us looking forward to seeing those leaves change colour (and the swath of plaid that goes with it). One of the most surprisingly diverse beauty trends to emerge on the Fall 2012 runways was the eclectic mix of smudged, rouged and
matted out lips, pursed, as they shone on the catwalks.

To help us navigate the fall lip runways trends, we chatted with Lora Spiga, official makeup artist for Lancôme, for her beauty advice on how to recreate these looks for the perfect pout every time. (No rush: You still have a few weeks to get them right!)

Fall lipstick trend: Deep purple

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Gucci and Givenchy

Expert beauty advice:
“With the cold weather fast approaching,” says Spiga, “keep the lips well hydrated. Start by protecting them with lip balm or treatment. Since deep lip colours will be all the rage this Fall/Winter, I suggest investing in a seductive purple tone and a lip liner to perfectly contour the lip line.”

TRY: “Mixing your favourite summer coral with this season’s deep purples and mauves might be a little unconventional for some. The thing to remember is that it’s only makeup. I say mix it up and if you don’t like the way it looks, take it off and try something else!”

Fall lipstick trend: Matte lips

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: “My favorite lip look is perfectly defined and matte lips as seen at Gucci, Rochas and Etro.”

Expert beauty advice: “I have always been very impressed with the look of matte lipsticks. I think they make a very bold statement.”

Her beauty advice? “To achieve this look, I’d suggest colours like Lancôme’s Rouge Mat in 361-Rose Sortilege with Le Lipstique lip liner in Mauvelle, or for a warmer effect try Rouge in Love Lipstick in shade 287N with Amandelle lipliner.”

Beauty trends: Get the best red lip shade

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Fall lipstick trend: Nude lips

Fall 2012 inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger and Prabal Gurung

Expert beauty advice
: “This look is very easy to achieve but looks best on a plump, well-hydrated and well-exfoliated lip. To maintain the suppleness of the lips, remember to give them a very gentle brushing with your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth.”

TRY: “Choose a lipstick or gloss that best matches your own lip colour. I suggest using a
lip brush or your fingertips to apply the product. Avoid liner. Lips should look natural, healthy and plump.” To keep lips as au naturel as possible, keep up with your
summer routine: “Lip balms, and glosses can easily be integrated into your Fall/Winter lip looks because they typically don’t have very much colour to them, therefore they can quickly add a pop of shine and more dimension to you lips this fall,” she says.

Fall lipstick trend: Smudged or stained lip

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Rochas and Gucci

Expert beauty advice: “This look is very whimsical and I associate that with youthfulness. It’s the lighter side of sophisticated—sort of like the
messy hair bun. It’s what every woman is looking for, effortless, easy but still trendy.”

TRY: “To achieve this look, apply a little concealer around the contours of the lips to erase any unevenness or discoloration (usually redness). Then pucker up and tap the lip product into the lips, starting at the center and fading towards the outer edges of the lips.”

Fall lipstick trend: Red (timeless!)

Fall 2012 runway inspiration: Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs

Expert beauty advice: “There’s no mistaking—red has not left the building! The red we are seeing this Fall is very similar to what we’ve been wearing all year, so don’t be afraid to sport any of your fave reds this Fall.”

TRY: “If you haven’t found that perfect red yet, keep a few things in mind:

1) cool blue-based shades (such as cranberry or wine) flatter women with pinker, rosier skin tones;

2) warm,
orange-based shades (such as brick red) are more appropriate for women whose skin has golden, peach or tan tones, and remember to choose a blush colour with similar under tones;

3) Help keep red lipstick on longer by using a lip primer. Also make sure your lips are not dry or chapped before putting on red lipstick (or any lipstick for that matter). You can also fill in the lips with lip liner first then apply the lipstick over top;

4) try it on! Lips not hands. Oh, and by the way, make sure your nails match your lips when wearing red lips. It completes the look!”

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