zAnna-92178.jpgThoreau once said the eye is the jewel of the body and while he probably wasn’t referring to the allure of women’s cosmetics, his words are hardly disputable, especially given spring’s obsession with vibrant, come-hither lashes.

Eddie Maleterre, official makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada and Artistic Director of L’Oréal Fashion Week, suggests that a decorated eye is always in style. "Canadian women are very shy when it comes to playing with mascara colour," he says, "although in other parts of the world – like Tokyo – chartreuse and sangria hues have made their way into women’s makeup arsenals. Think Gwen Stefani’s gothic-punk Harajuku girls."

Start with clean lashes and get your flirt on with these easy-to-follow tips and tricks!

Simply subtle
If teal lashes are going to raise eyes in a bad way at your next work party, take a cue from Maleterre: "For a really dramatic effect that’s surprisingly subtle, apply two coats of jet black mascara," he says. "Before it dries, sweep a bright shadow along the tips. I recommend shades of orange and red because they’re so pigmented."

Brighten up
For those nights out on the town, definitely go all out with brightly coloured mascaras. "Blue makes green eyes pop while violet is sexy on darker eyes," says Maleterre. If you’re going with blue, treat the lids to a sheer, neutral shadow like pearl or a sandy- beige. Purples and brown shadows will intensify violet. But, avoid looking like Ziggy Stardust but sticking with one key feature and keeping the rest natural. Says Maleterre: "For strong-impact eyes, take it easy on the rest of the face. Choose a nude lipstick or a translucent gloss with some colour, a soft blush and you’re ready to go!"

False hope
If you’re too shy for colour, get real…with falsies. "For Spring 2008 Fashion Week in Toronto," Maleterre explains, "I used natural-looking false lashes – nothing too dramatic. They open the eye and add glamour. And they’re so feminine." He projects that more than 90 percent of celebs use them and has even applied them on A-listers like Björk, Audrey Tatou.

Curl cue

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Green girl
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