Best spot for a facial
The Ritz-Carlton Toronto Spa (181 Wellington St. W., 416-585-2500)

Euoko Radiance Booster ($160, 60 min.)

Just steps away from the
World MasterCard Fashion Week tents at Toronto’s David Pecaut Square, the all-glass sanctuary of the Ritz-Carlton Toronto Spa is housed on the luxe hotel’s fifth floor. “After a week of long days, less water than normal, and endless makeup touch-ups, I need a facial!” says Jennifer Weatherhead, senior web editor. “Just seeing how much makeup the models are wearing backstage is enough to make me want a good skin cleanse. My new fave is the Euoko Radiance Booster. It helps soothe my tired skin and get it back to a glowing state.” This rejuvenating facial uses marine ingredients and peptides to reboot fatigued skin with a pre-Fashion Week energy. “It’s the best way to relax before getting back into a busy work schedule.”

Best spot for a pedicure

Stillwater Spa (Park Hyatt Toronto, 4 Avenue Rd., 416-926-2389)

City Foot Rescue ($105, 60 min.)

Behind the gilded doors of the Park Hyatt Toronto lies the similarly opulent retreat for royal whole-body treatment. And unlike the required runway gear of merciless heels last week, there’s no footwear necessary for this decadent oasis (unless you fancy a pair of plush spa slippers). Stillwater Spa’s City Foot Rescue pedicure tends to the dry, cracked or damaged skin caused by city life (which just so happens to include subway stairs and latte runs in between runway shows) with a foot massage, callous care, hydration mask and paraffin to relieve hardened feet. And since it’s been a week spent assessing those warm fall collections, get back to spring mode by topping with a vibrant
tangerine polish.

For spots to pamper well-heeled legs, read on…



Best spot for hand and leg care
Holts Salon and Spa, Holt Renfrew (50 Bloor St. W. 416-960-2909)
Invigorating Leg Treatment ($60, 40 min.)
Featured manicure ($60)
A relaxing oasis within, well, a relaxing shopper’s oasis, the Holts Salon and Spa is tucked away on the second floor of the luxe retailer’s Bloor Street flagship store. Perform self-indulgent double-duty in one trip with relaxing spa treatments and catching up on any missed retail therapy. After a week of dashing around the tents, treat exhausted legs to their own specialized pampering. This targeted toning aid improves blood circulation, relieves fatigue and reduces swelling in tired leg muscles. At the same time, rejuvenate cramped fingers and chipped polish from a five-day marathon of runway live-tweeting with the spa’s featured manicure. Soak, scrub and soothe hands with milk lotions and moisturizing whipped butters massaged into skin before applying a fresh pastel colour to revive smartphone-ready fingertips.

Best spot for total body care

The Spa, InterContinental Toronto Centre (225 Front St. W. 416 646 5838)
Key Senses signature treatment ($225, 90 min.)
Soak up breathtaking views of Toronto’s skyline while perched in a tranquil zone just far enough removed from the downtown bustle. The Spa at InterContinental Toronto Centre offers an all-sensory body treatment to relieve the tension and muscle strain from a week of non-stop sartorial action, to recap the fashionable highlights that flooded in during the course of Toronto Fashion Week—except well rested this time. The Key Senses holistic treatment includes a customized facial and calming scalp massage with organic aromas, followed by a heated poultice treatment to tone and improve skin’s texture. Hot stones and organic massage oils drain and revitalize skin while pressure point-targeted techniques are applied to awaken the senses. Lulled into a blissful state of relaxation, you’re ready to decide which peplum coat to rock this fall.

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