From catwalks to Vogue covers to Lancôme campaigns, Canadian model darling Daria Werbowy is everywhere.

With her signature doe-like eyes and porcelain smooth skin, Daria has become, like the Naomis and Giseles of the world, one of the world’s top models.

Here she talks about some of her personal make-up bag must-haves, the day she commited the biggest hair faux-pas and why her grandma gave her the best beauty advice.

EC: What is the first step in your morning beauty routine?
DW: I splash water on my face and then immediately moisturize.

EC: What is your nightly beauty ritual?
DW: I always clean my face thoroughly and apply lots of moisturizer.

EC: Can you tell us of any personal beauty tricks?
DW: I’ll admit it, I spend a little bit of time in the sun. But I always wear a sunblock.

EC: Do you have any distinguishing features?
DW: I have a tattoo of little waves on one of my big toes.

EC: If you wanted to look ultra-seductive, what make-up would you use to accomplish this look?
DW: Black liner applied to the inside of the eye for maximum impact.

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Check out these Lancome productsEC: Which beauty product do you never use?
DW: Hairspray.

EC: How do you care for your healthy mane?
DW: I treat myself to hot oil treatments on a regular basis. I prefer leaving my hair down and natural.

EC: What is the biggest hair faux-pas you’ve ever committed?
DW: I cut my hair really short once and bleached it. So much so, that it ended up turning grey! It was my agent’s idea at the time and I cried all the way home on the subway. I looked like a cotton-bud. The only good thing that came out of it was that, ever since then, my hair is a lot thicker now!

EC: What do you like most about yourself?
DW: My eyes. I like my feet, too.

EC: What do you like the least about yourself?

DW: It depends on my mood, really! When I was young, I was taller than all the other children and I got called “Daddy Long Legs” and “Olive Oyle”. My arms are also huge.

EC: What little indulgence do you allow yourself from time-to-time?
DW: Sailing. It is the best way to be close to nature and to recover and relax after a hard day’s work. It makes me feel great.

EC: Perfume you cannot live without?
DW: Hypnôse of course!

EC: What is your overall beauty philosophy?
DW: The beauty I try to embody is one that isn’t pre-fabricated, one that is more of an emotive beauty … that of the soul, a truer form.

EC: What is the best beauty advice anyone has ever given you?
DW: My grandmother used lemon juice as a toner and cleanser. She squeezed it onto a cotton pad and cleansed her face with it. Once her skin is dry, she’d rinse with cold water.It works wonders for your skin. Also, my mom has always used Nutrix, created in 1935 by Lancôme. It’s the best nourishing cream, especially in cold climates like you get in Canada!

EC: What are your make-up bag essentials?
DW: A toothbrush and a few of my favourite Juicy Tubes.

EC: Do you have any favourite beauty products?
DW: Bi facial make-up remover to get all of the products off of my face after a photo shoot, Aqua Fusion moisturizer and my trusted Juicy Tubes (all from Lancôme).

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