ELLE Man: Soccer Style with Italy’s Claudio Marchisio

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Marchisio1(475X475) The 2014 World Cup in Brazil has been full of surprises (Spain, whut?) and…some not so surprising things. (Bye, England.) But one thing was a constant: The Italian team is hot. They got off the plane in Brazil wearing Dolce & Gabbana suits and brought their A-game when it came to grooming. On the pitch…not so much. But let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Here’s a quick Q&A with Italian National Team midfielder Claudio Marchisio—the face of
Hugo Boss Bottled—about his love of good suits, his style habits and how he gets his head in the game.

Claudio Marchisio and Roberta Marchisio Sighting in Ibiza - July 20, 2013
Marchisio on vacation in Ibiza last year. Hope he’s wearing sunscreen! Image courtesy of Getty Images.
How would you describe your personal style? "Very elegant, independent of how I might look today. [He’s dressed casually.] Even in jeans or sweats, I try to pay attention to every last detail and always add a touch of elegance."
How do you feel when you’re wearing a suit or a tuxedo? "Absolutely comfortable. I prefer a suit to jeans and a tight T-shirt."
You attend many formal dinners and galas. What’s your prep like for a big night? "I try to set aside a good amount of time. In fact, I always take more time to get ready than my wife does!"
What are your must-have grooming products in the locker room? "Face cream, deodorant and hair gel."
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Do you put on fragrance before a match? "Way before, not right before. After? Yes."
Where do you usually wear your cologne? "Behind the ears and on the wrists. If it’s summer and I’m not wearing socks, then on my ankles too. The classic spots for fragrance."
How much time do you devote to personal care every day? "A lot. In the morning, in the afternoon after training and then at night before going to bed. So, yes, a lot."
Do you have any locker-room superstitions or rituals that you perform before a big match? "We all have them, especially in sports, whether you’re religious or not. There are guys who will only enter the pitch with their right foot, others who make the sign of the cross even if they’re not great believers. When I enter the pitch making the sign of the cross, I always salute a dear friend who unfortunately passed away, asking him to help me as he always has since he’s been gone. Everyone has their own ritual, and this is mine."
What have you learned from being part of a team? "It shapes your character and makes you more open to others. It’s a constant sharing of both the good things and the bad things—excitement, defeat, a private moment when a friend is feeling down and you’re there for him. It’s an extended family that helps you grow and bring out your true character
Do you have any advice or anything you can teach us? "I suppose I could teach you to dribble a ball. Advice? I try to listen to others, because I like learning and I think knowing how to listen helps a lot. I prefer listening to giving advice."
Which great victory would you like to celebrate in the future? "My wife and I have two wonderful boys, Davide and Leonardo, but we’d really like to have a little girl. However, we’re kind of scared because if another boy comes along, it would be three boys plus me in the house, and my wife would go crazy."                

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