BeyonceThe ponytail in question. (Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)

Vanessa Craft, beauty director: This ponytail is helpful for 1. Giving an instant, surgery-free lift (see
"The Croydon facelift"); 2. Whipping authoritatively with each head turn when the paparazzi call your name and thus issuing a follicular smack down to any mere peasant standing beside you; 3. Living out your childhood fantasy of what would happen if My Little Pony became a human representation of superiority and extreme wealth. It’s the best thing Bey chose to wear this evening, other than those Christian Louboutin nude nails.
Katherine Flemming, health and beauty editor: There’s a freshness to Bey’s caramel-y blonde, but the ’90s high pony ruins it for me. Then again, what else would you pair with a glorified figure skating gown? Sorry B, not bowing down to this.
Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor: I will admit, my first reaction to this look was not favourable. High ponytails do not belong at the Met Gala…or so I thought. I am still not a fan of the outfit – sorry, B – but I came around on the pony after she left the industrial garage (at least that’s what it looked like) she was posing in, above, and moved to the red carpet, below.
Monika Markovinovic, editorial assistant: FLAWLESS. Queen B can do no wrong and she totally won the night. Her ponytail was ’90s grunge meets the heights of Prada’s Fall 2015 ponytails. I loved everything about it.

BeyonceMetGala Bey wore Christian Louboutin Beauté polish in "Tutulle" from the Nudes Collection. Makeup by L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador, Sir John. (Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)

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