Editor’s Pick: TokyoMilk Gin and Rosewater parfum, approx. $30

Jul 30 2012 by
Categories : Beauty

TokyoMilk Gin & Rosewater No. 12 (approx. $30), available at tokyomilk.com.

While in Boston a few weeks ago, I wandered into a tiny, hidden gem boutique called
Shake the Tree, in the city’s trendy yet charming North End neighbourhood. One of those stylish, all-encompassing kind of cool shops with displays of hand-made jewellery and cute home décor pieces that you could spend hours perusing, and I gravitated to the shelf lined with bottles of fragrances with interesting-sounding scents made by Denver-based parfumerie TokyoMilk (who could resist sniffing what a Let Them Eat Cake scent is all about?). After scanning and spritzing each fragrance on different parts of my body, for investigative purposes, I decided on
Gin & Rosewater No. 12 (approx. $30), a citrusy scent that instantly conjured fragrant memories of leather jackets and Mimosas. What I thought would become the distinct fragrance that would later remind me of my trip to Boston, has become my signature summer scent.

Categories: Beauty