If there’s one foolproof motto to swear by in life, it’s this: everything is better in cake form. OK, I did just make that up but think about it: coffee, carrots, dates—all better baked, iced and served piping hot from the oven (except for maybe fruitcake, which no amount of sugar glaze can make that edible). So when Cake Beauty’s new limited-edition
Lemon Chiffon Velveteen Hand Crème arrived on my desk—in a bucket filled with similarly lemony lollipops and saltwater taffy no less—I couldn’t decide between cracking it open and slathering some on or running to the downstairs coffee shop for a slice of its fresh, gluten-free equivalent. Since I knew the latter would be impossible, I hungrily dove through the candy and breathed in the fresh-baked scent of the creamy vanilla and lemon lotion. Just like a shameless raid of the the dessert table, I’ll be stockpiling this scent. It’s only available until August, after all. And there’s no such thing as too much dessert.