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My Consonant Skincare at-home regimen: Organic Foaming Face Wash ($18), HydrExtreme ($72) and DHE Mask ($45). I’m going to share at not-so-well-kept beauty editor secret: on most days, we have a flood of products spilling over our workspaces. The fortress of
moisturizers and
hair oils I’ve unknowingly built around my desktop, plus the stack of press releases and magazines surrounding them, has prompted our editor in chief Noreen Flanagan to assert on more than one occasion that I’ve "lost control". And while I’ve made haphazard attempts to push the growing heap to one side of my desk (cleaning!), most of the goods get lost in the no-man’s-land beauty corner of my cubicle. So it was a welcome change when I met with Bill Baker, founder of Consonant Skincare, the Toronto-based natural skin care line, who handed me Consonant’s just-launched DHE Mask (that’s detoxify, hydrate and exfoliate, friends), along with its organic foaming face wash and HydrExtreme, and suggested a whole new
skin care routine. Now, I’d used Consonant’s HydrExtreme before, but the love affair was short-lived when I accidentally knocked a three-quarter full bottle off of my vanity. So I took heed, and took home my new skin care system to test out that night.
For best use (and how Bill recommends you try out the new mask), take the face wash and mask into the shower with you. Apply a foamy dollop of the lightweight cleanser to your face – scrub – and then rise off. Immediately follow up with a thick layer of the DHE mask. Leave on for 20-30 minutes. The mask, made with Chinese Kaolin and Manicouagan clay, conditions skin with Shea butter and Argan oil, while drawing out impurities. It also rinses off cleanly (no scrubbing or muddy residue). After stepping out of the shower, apply HydrExtreme serum, which quickly absorbs into wet skin without leaving a greasy feeling behind.
SKIN CARE 101: The benefits of FACE MASKS I found the easiest way to keep up with the cleanser+mask+serum regimen was twice weekly in the shower, and using the cleanser and serum daily, at morning and night. It’s been almost two weeks and my face feels soft and hydrated, and I look forward to my new
at-home spa facial routine. Plus I know exactly where to find these products, at all times.
Consonant’s DHE Mask, Organic Foaming Face Wash and HydrExtreme are available at its flagship location on 2470 Yonge St., as well as retailers across Canada, and consonantskincare.com.
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