E-Sea breezy hair styles: Why (and how) you should rock beachy waves

Jun 15 2012 by
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The season of hot and sticky weather has arrived and while it may be ideal for sipping Sangria on a sun drenched patio, the added humidity is a hairstyle ruiner. This week, on a particularly mucky afternoon, I found myself crouching in front of of a hand dryer (in a grimy public washroom, oh the shame) trying to make my once perfect blowout lie flat. As my neck began to kink, I had to face facts; I could no longer fight the elements. This summer, opt for
relaxed bohemian waves (think
Gisele Bundchen) to stay chic without risking a public washroom humiliation.
Here are my steps to get the relaxed and fuss-free hairstyle: 1.
Skip shampoo/conditioner. Beachy waves look better when your hair isn’t freshly-washed. (Besides, who doesn’t want to adopt a beauty regime that eliminates steps?) 2. Slightly
wet your hair, preferably not in a public restroom. 3.
Spritz damp hair with a salt spray. I believe the sign of a good product is when your friends routinely borrow the same thing from your vanity; based on that scientific discovery I recommend either
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray or my
Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray to get soft (never crunchy) waves. 4.
Braid your hair into 3-5 loose braids. For extra curl, twist braids into buns, but careful not to fold in the ends on your braids since it can create creases and kinks. 5.
Let your hair set for 20 minutes. Suggested time crunchers? Create a sultry smoky eye, catch up on an episode of
Girls or dance around your living room to the new Jana Kramer album. 7. Unravel braids, and
shake out your curls. 8. Use another spritz of salt-spray to boost texture and hold
without frizz. For more summer beauty secrets
read on.  

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