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So what does it take to be a Bombshell? According to Victoria’s Secret model Doutzen Kroes, not a whole heck of a lot.

Walking into my third interview with my third Angel last week at Toronto’s Eaton Centre, I felt a familiar twinge in my stomach: A sinking feeling that, yet again, I was going to be humbled (yes, I meant to use that word) by the grace and charm of another supermodel. First came Chanel Iman. To see her in the flesh is like walking into the Louvre for the first time: Beauty so indescribable it almost brings you to tears. Then she spoke and I realized, damn, it’s like the second time you visit Paris’ famed museum: Someway, somehow, it manages to be so much better.


Then came Lily (Aldridge). Our
Facebook fans wanted me to ask her about her
illustrious hair (BTW, it really is as amazing as you think), but all I envisioned was swilling some bevies with her and my friends on a summer patio while cracking the most hysterical jokes. Her ease and approachability belies her significant resume. Jealous? Très.

To finish off the VS trifecta is Doutzen Kroes. The new mom is slammin’, but the best part: She’s unapologetic about the work she puts into it. Although we’d love to believe that every model is like a Maybelline ad and they’re just ‘born with it,’ they’re not. And it doesn’t take daily, three-hour training sessions with a celebrity fitness freak or meals of coconut water and smokes to make them as they are. Like Doutzen shares with me, it’s honest-to-goodness exercise for the bod, and positive affirmations for the mind. Here, her secrets to breaking into Bombshell territory:

"I think you have to make a commitment to working out; whatever that means to you. No, I don’t work out all day, everyday, but I make sure I’m active and doing something that I enjoy. I’ve worked out my entire life (I used to be a speed skater in my ’20s before I went into modeling) so when I became pregnant, I was lucky I was in good shape and was able to handle the changes and demands of my body."

"Do what makes you happy, not what people tell you to do. I love yoga and pilates so I did that while I was pregnant, but I was also careful of doing it minimally. I listened to my body and realized I couldn’t go full force when I was growing a baby in my belly."

"Be true and honest with yourself. We have to
stop being so critical of ourselves. We’re our own worst enemies sometimes! Love yourself. I met a woman today who had a baby a year ago and she was complaining that she couldn’t get rid of her stomach. I looked at her and thought she looked amazing. She didn’t need to change a thing, and yet she didn’t believe it herself." "Women like
positive affirmations, so men: listen up! Women want to be told they’re beautiful, that they’re smart, intelligent, good people. Husbands, boyfriends and friends should pay attention to that. I love when my husband tells me I’m beautiful; that never gets old!"

"Stay young in spirit. I still think of myself as a teenager, and sometimes am shocked that I’m older now and have a baby. But I love that inner child in me."

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