Taking a cue from runway fashion, makeup trends are ’80s retro. Reflect the “more! more! more!” decade with bold brows and cheekbones and lots of colour everywhere — and then a little more.

To help you avoid looking like a Tammy Faye knock-off, we enlisted the expertise of Cristina Bartolucci, co-founder of DuWop Cosmetics and celebrity makeup artist for Uma Thurman, Keri Russell, Jennifer Garner, Sarah Chalke and Sandra Bullock, to name a few.

“The rule that you play up the eyes OR lips didn’t exist back then, so all the features are emphasized equally,” says Bartolucci. The modern version of the ’80s look is a toned-down approach that will look great on anyone.

Get the look:

Bartolucci suggests starting out with a full-coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer. “The complexion should be evened out completely, and concealer should be applied as needed,” she says. “Sweep a fuchsia blush on the cheekbones, starting at the apple of the cheeks, and continue in a straight line toward the temple. Blush is supposed to look obvious here, but if this is too much, you can blend it down, as ’80s makeup was before the dawn of blending.”

Products to try:
DuWop’s Revolotion Face Tinted Moisturizer, Surface Concealer, and Blush Therapy in Vivaldi, a cream fuchsia blush.

“Eyes should be dramatic with an obvious triangle shape at the outer corner of the eyes,” says Bartolucci. Here are her steps to achieve the look:
• Apply a neutral brown all over the lid then use a deeper, brighter colour for the crease, such as a blue-grey or violet.
• Apply this colour over the crease and extend it outward just beyond the outer corner of the eyes.
• Apply a pale shimmery rose eyeshadow at the browbone to highlight.
• Lightly blend all the shadows so no obvious lines are visible.
• Line the upper and lower lashline with a navy eyeliner and smudge it slightly.
• Finish with a full coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

“Brows should be brushed upwards to get the fullest look, and set with a pomade,” Bartolucci says. “Use a brow powder to fill in any sparse areas and create a full brow.”

Products to try:
DuWop’s Brown, Blue, Rose, and Violet Eyes Palette, Lashlacquer Mascara in Carbon Black, Browwow Brow Kit.

Go bold! “Line and fill in lips with a neutral lip pencil, to make colour last longer,” suggests Bartolucci. “Apply a red matte lipstick over top.”

Products to try:
DuWop’s Neutral Lip Pencils and AntiVenom lipstick in Bamboo.