Recognized by dermatologists and scientists as a powerful antioxidant, the fruit extract from the coffee tree combats free radicals more efficiently than green tea and pomegranate. Once ripe, these little red berries have the ability to reduce and even reverse skin’s environmental damage, like wrinkles, skin discolorations and loss of elasticity. Recent research has even suggested they have anti-cancer properties. The tests, conducted on mice, are still preliminary, but who knows?

Thanks to its vasoconstrictive power, caffeine is often used in eye-contour care to tighten blood vessels, thereby reducing bags and dark rings. Its effectiveness is also due to its diuretic properties, which, in addition to decreasing puffiness around eyes, helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. In fact, many studies have confirmed caffeine’s ability to eliminate excess water in the tissues and to reduce the size of skin’s fat cells. The result: less visible dimpling and firmer skin. It’s no coincidence that almost all anti-cellulite products are bursting with caffeine … it goes to show that coffee has not yet finished invading the world of beauty!