Is it possible that
Kate Middleton is getting more and more stunning? We say yes, and her classic beauty look – those dark rimmed eyes, glowing skin and peachy lips – is her style standard. Always polished, always put together … we tell you how to replicate Kate’s beauty look in 3 easy steps.

Kate’s look is very classic. Her hair and makeup could be seen in every decade for the last 40 years without looking out of touch,” says makeup artists David Allen Jones. “I think what she is doing is very appropriate.” One thing the Duchess can’t experiment with is super trendy makeup looks. “Trying to go very young or trendy has only lead to a lot of talk,” explains Jones, so keeping her look clean and classic follows royal protocol. “Give her some more time and she will have set her own ground for what her style is.” In the meantime we dissect Kate’s makeup so you can copy her look (from her eye liner and eye shadow to her glossy lips and perfect skin).

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Get Kate Middleton’s glowing skin

Let’s face it. When you’re royal keeping up with your monthly facial prep isn’t that hard to do. Kate’s amazing and enviable skin likely comes from using great products and constant upkeep thanks to a very good dermatologist. So when it comes to makeup, a little will go a long way.

“Kate appears to have great skin,” says Jones. “So I would not use or recommend any heavy coverage foundation.
Beauty balms are all the rage right now for a good reason. They even out your colour without looking heavy and they feel great on the skin.” Jones recommends Marcelle’s BB Cream Beauty Balm for a flawless glow. Set it with a mineralized powder (Jones’ top pick is M.A.C.’s Mineralize Loose Powder) to nix shine, but still keep skin looking soft and dewy. To finish the fresh-faced look that Kate’s always sporting, a cream blush in a soft, natural tone (try Stila’s cream blush in Peony).

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Get Kate Middleton’s signature eye makeup (that eye liner and eye shadow!)

Love it or hate it, Kate’s dark rimmed eyes are her standout beauty look. She loves circling her eye with a dark pencil, along both the top and bottom lash lines and topping with a nude eye shadow – and while some may say the look is a bit too dark and harsh, we say we love it because she owns it.

“Kate’s main focus are her eyes,” says Jones. “For the most part she wears
black eyeliner around her eyes that is blended out to the crease of the socket her eyes.” Jones recommends softening this look if you want to copy Kate’s signature style.

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“I would maybe
smoke her eye makeup out just a hint more to make her eyes balance better with her eyebrows. Her eyes can look small when she smiles, and it does not have to be so.”

Jones suggests trying Ellis Faas cream black eye shadow rather than pencil to help soften the look.

“It is very black and blends out to a sheer finish,” he says. Line around your top lashes, then along the bottom (keep it just on the outer corner for a softer, more natural look, or line into the inner corner for a look just like Kate’s). Then dust any colour eye shadow over top of the lid and you’re good to go.

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Get Kate Middleton’s peachy lips

“Looking at Kate’s mother, full lips do not seem to run in the family but that being said they all seem to have a thousand watt smile,” says Jones. To copy Kate’s look opt for neutral or nude shades with a hint of gloss. “Coloured lip balms are great or moisturizing lipsticks do a great job at adding colour and shine. With her strong eye makeup I would never go with to much colour on the mouth as it would look over done.”

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