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Demure and ladylike, the chignon is an ideal match for ultra-feminine fashions. “It’s the perfect accessory for a sexy holiday look,” says New York-based hair guru Frédéric Fekkai. Bonus: the ever-so-chic chignon is easy to create at home.

Start by parting hair off to the side and combing back into a low ponytail, making sure it isn’t too tight. Let shorter strands fall around the face for a hint of wispy romance. Then fold the ponytail into a soft roll at the nape of the neck and pin the bun into place. “Secure carefully, but loosely, and keep it carefree,” Fekkai advises. “Today’s chignon shouldn’t be too groomed.” Finish with a light-hold or shine hairspray. And since the holidays are all about dressing up and having fun, “add a jewelled hair clip to make it more festive,” says Fekkai.

Photo courtesy of Marcio Madeira