Charlize Theron didn’t win an Academy Award for it, but her saucy performance in the 2007 J’Adore commercial — in which she sashays through a posh Parisian flat doing a chic striptease — has become iconic. “I am a big fan of [director] Jean-Baptiste Mondino,” says the Oscar-winning actress. “Nudity was only one aspect of the commercial. It was about a woman who lives a luxuriously glamorous life yet strips off her layers to reveal her true self. John [Galliano] and Jean-Baptiste’s idea was to say that true luxury is being able to simplify yourself with an extraordinary fragrance.”

Simplicity is something that the South African-born Theron says she strives for in her own life. The star of such films as
North Country,
The Cider House Rules and
Hancock leaves her red-carpet styling to the experts and keeps her fitness routine (long walks on the beach with her dog) to a minimum. The former top model is also diplomatic when it comes to offering her opinion on
plastic surgery. “I prefer not to judge,” she says. “I’m only 34 years old, so I don’t know how I might feel about it when I hit 54. We all want to age gracefully. My God, women are under so much pressure! With such demands for perfection and an eternal obsession with youth, I’m not surprised that we all become part of this beauty race that seems to be getting crazier.”

As for her beauty secret, Theron says it’s simple: “When you live a good life and have good thoughts, it shows.” True, but a little product always helps! ELLE asked Theron to reveal some beauty tips and tricks.

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What’s your best beauty tip?

“My makeup artist, Shane Paish, is a genius. There isn’t a day that goes by when he doesn’t surprise me. One of the things he taught me is to use nude pencil eyeliner to outline the inside of my eyes for a brighter look when I’m feeling tired.”

What’s your morning beauty routine?

“I just rinse my face with cold water — I don’t believe in overzealous cleansing — and then I apply La Roche-Posay 50 sunblock, a bit of foundation and mascara and I’m out the door.”

And in the evenings?

“I don’t use make-up remover — I simply wash my face with DiorSnow foaming cleanser and it removes absolutely everything. I’ve become extremely picky about the quality and efficiency of the cosmetics I use. I apply Dior Capture eye cream with a cotton swab and night cream. I like to change my cosmetics regularly so that my skin won’t become immune to the effects of the products. I’m getting over a Crème de la Mer phase.”

What’s your fave beauty product?

“I am completely addicted to Dior L’Or de Vie, an elixir that gives your skin an instant natural glow.”

What are your hair secrets?

“I try to avoid using a blow-dryer too much, but it’s difficult when I’m running from one appearance to another and my hair is being styled several times a day. Every now and then, I give my hair a week’s vacation. My real hair secret is my in- credible team. My hairdresser, Enzo Angileri, is extremely creative and al- ways looking for new trends.”

What’s your favourite hairstyle?

“High-volume hair lifted from the roots, Catherine Deneuve-style — I really love this! Generally, I take my inspiration from others.”

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