Chanel No. 5 releases new film starring Gisele Bündchen

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Giselle Bundcham-Chanel 5
Still from new Chanel No. 5 film starring Gisele Bündchen. All images courtesy of Chanel.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been more than 10 years since Baz Luhrmann produced one of the first advertising-driven short films for Chanel. It was titled No. 5 The Film and starred Nicole Kidman and Rodrigo Santoro. In the 180-second-long movie, Kidman’s character is seen running down the street in a fabulous pink dress trying to escape her A-list life. She hops into a cab with a stranger and soon they are in each other’s arms. After their brief love affair, she returns to her life in the spotlight. As she walks down a red carpet, surrounded by paparazzi, she looks back to the building rooftop adorned with the words “Coco Chanel.” Her lover is there, and they exchange knowing smiles before she turns away and walks into the bright lights. In the latest film, The One That I Want, which I watched at an exclusive advance screening during Paris Fashion Week, the star is Gisele Bündchen and the storyline has a decidedly different twist. In this new version, which Luhrmann prefers to describe as a poem set to “You’re the One That I Want” by Lo-Fang—Bündchen’s character is a successful model who lives in a posh beach-front home outside New York. She has an adorable child and a handsome husband, played by Games of Thrones hottie Michiel Huisman. In the opening scenes, there are multiple full-body slo-mo shots of her surfing that will make you marvel that anyone has been blessed with such exquisite DNA. But as Luhrmann—who attended the press screening—said: No one can have the bod, the career, the family and the fab house without their relationships eventually fraying at the corners. The woman in the film has to choose between her work and her life, but does she run to, or away from, the man this time?


Read on to find out what Luhrmann’s Chanel woman decides to do….

Baz-Luhrmann-Chanel 5
In the new commercial, Baz Luhrmann has as a cameo as a fashion photographer.

After the screening, the beauty and fashion journalists in the room were invited to ask Luhrmann some questions. Here’s a quick recap:

On the plot twist… “Nicole’s character was at the absolute height of her powers and fame as an actress. In that plot, she escapes from her work and has a sort of assignation with a mystery chap but then returns to her responsibilities and her work. In this film, there has been tension in the relationship with the woman and her husband. It’s not easy. There is a point when this character draws a line when she’s working with that really charming photographer and goes to meet her husband and says ‘We need our time,’ and she chooses the relationship and love, but, really, she chooses life.” On why he chose the music from Grease and why he wasn’t afraid of that choice… “Hey, I’m the guy who took ‘Your Song’ by Elton John and made an opera out of it. I was a little bit scared but not so much, and I’ll tell you why. It’s my heartfelt belief that what defines culture is that which lasts and touches us. Having said that, I made a decision to use ‘Your Song’ in Moulin Rouge when I was sitting in a wine bar in Santa Fe and someone was singing it. At first you think ‘That is so tired,’ but I later went and listened to the original and it’s an awesome song. So with this song [‘You’re the One That I Want’], I took it and turned it upside down to shake off the rust and find its heart again.” On why Bündchen isn’t wearing any makeup in some of the opening scenes… “She is such an extraordinary beauty. She looks fab in a good frock and a bit of rouge, but she’s awesome without any makeup.” On Bündchen vs. Kidman… “I was happy with both actors; they had to convey a lot of emotion and a lot of story without dialogue. Gisele is fantastic with her body; her body is her instrument, yet we believe her relationship with that child and we believe she loves that man. I was actually swept away.” On why he loves Chanel… “It’s the narrative of Coco Chanel that I love: how she reinvented herself, her dramas. She is a true icon of the 20th century. And, as a consequence, anything with the double Cs on it has an almost mythological power. Icons are like ‘Your Song’: They can get a bit rusty, but Karl’s genius is that he keeps rebooting and reimagining. And that shows how robust the symbology is. So that’s why I love the story of Coco Chanel.” READ MORE Chanel spring/summer 2015: Fashion, feminism and Kendall Jenner Gisele Bündchen: Brazil’s top model, mother and career maven Paris Fashion Week spring/summer 2015: Top 25 trends    

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