In celebration of L’Oréal‘s 50th anniversary, the beauty brand caught up with one of its most iconic ambassador, Céline Dion. Ahead, the legend of pop music reflects on what L’Oréal means to her, what she wishes for the generations of women to come, and of course, reveals who her very own female role model is.

What does “Because I’m Worth It” mean to you?

To me, it means that all of us have the right to feel good about ourselves, to be respected as we respect others, and this begins with self-respect.

You are a spokesperson for a brand that celebrates 50 years of female empowerment. How does that make you feel?

It’s a great honour for me to be able to represent the prestigious brand that L’Oréal has become over five decades, and I love that they focus on equality and dignity for all women.

Instagram: @celinedion

How can the tagline “Because I’m Worth It” inspire women?

It’s a message of strength, of confidence, of self-esteem, and these are powerful words for women to incorporate into their lives to help them achieve their goals…personal or otherwise.

How has beauty helped women in their lives?

There is so much beauty that surrounds us, we find it in so many places. We see it in nature and in the people that we love or admire. Beauty brings us so much joy and happiness. It comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colours. When we feel beautiful, we feel confident and empowered. And when we believe in ourselves, anything is possible!

What is your message for the younger generations of women that look up to you today?

It’s the same message that I would have for women of all ages. Follow your dreams and believe in yourself. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish if you set your mind on your goals.

Instagram: @celinedion

What is your fondest memory of your experience with L’Oréal Paris?

I’d have to say it’s when we were on set filming a TV commercial. Whether it was for Excellence or for Elnett, there’s always an element of fun and humour in these vignettes, and I think it’s important that we don’t take ourselves so seriously, all the time.

What was your first impression of the brand?

My impression was that they were enormously well-respected and a world leader in beauty, and I felt privileged that they considered me to be one of their spokespersons.

Instagram: @celinedion

Which woman has supported you the most in life? Who is your female role model?

My mom is my hero and my role model. My dad and mom raised 14 children with hardly any money at all. My mom wrote my first song. She was an incredible woman – kind, strong, big personality, funny. I miss her so much.

Instagram: @celinedion

What are the causes you personally stand for?

I’ve been a longtime supporter of the fight to end cystic fibrosis since losing my niece, Karine to CF many years ago. I’m also involved with Sainte-Justine Children’s Hospital in Montréal, an amazing facility. As well we have some new fundraising plans for the Céline Dion Foundation which we’re working on now and we’ll announce soon.

Can you share your latest news? What have you been up to?

Well, lately I’ve been taking a long sabbatical with my children. Because of COVID-19, we’ve had to reschedule all our tour dates, like everyone else, so I decided to enjoy time with the family for an extended period… something I’ve never done before, and it’s been wonderful. With the future looking brighter as we go through 2021, I’m looking forward to getting back to work. I’m going to be shooting a movie in the spring, starring Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan. I’m very excited about this. It’s my first feature film. Of course, I can’t wait to resume our Courage World Tour. The fans have been so patient, and we really want to make up for all that lost time. We have a few other new great projects which we’ll be announcing sometime in the next few months. There’s a lot happening!