Celebrity hair style inspiration for the holidays

Nov 21 2011 by
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If you haven’t received a slew of party invites yet for the holidays, I’m sure you’re about to any day now. I already have a few weekends filled, so that means I need some easy, fresh hair ideas,
stat. Like most of you, I need options that I can easily do at the office for
après-work fetes and be able to switch up the looks from party to party. I might attempt these three
celebrity hair style options that I have been drooling over the past couple of weeks. And if not, at least they provide some pretty eye candy to look at for inspiration during lunch.

Lauren Conrad This girl is my celebrity hair crush. Yes, I even put her above Jen Aniston, and I talk about her hair a lot. Her hair always has a perfect wave, looks soft and is super healthy. If only I could get my hair in such good shape. I also love that she’s willing to try out quirky and fun twists on classics. Take this look: Love the old Hollywood glam vibe, but if you look at the back, it’s an intricate swirling of wavy hair braids. Definitely will need some help with this hair style, but the end result would be worth it.

Zoe Saldana The easiest go-to
hair style for the holidays has always been a head full of curls (at least for me). I love the size and shape of Zoe’s, not to mention how sleek and shiny they are. Easy enough to do at home (twirl your hair around a closed curling iron, rather than clamping it – you’ll get a more natural curl or wave this way), and you’ll need to arm yourself with heat protecting spray and a sheer shine mist. On a side note … adore her red lips with that yellow dress.

Keira Knightley I have to have one super slick, super sophisticated look in this bunch since I love the Gucci look on the runways so much. Plus it shows that even with
short hair, you can look polished (Keira’s hair hits just above the shoulder). Looks like she has it tucked into a small bun with a
deep side part and lots of shine (probably from some gel and shine spray). Only problem with this look is, once you start adding the product, there’s no going back, so test this look out before party day.
How do you wear your hair for the holidays?

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