Celeb hairstylist Mark Townsend’s red carpet tips

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After the whirlwind round of award shows and seeing gorgeous updos on the red carpet, we just had to ask top celebrity hair stylist and
Dove spokesperson,
Mark Townsend (who works on
Glee cutie Lea Michele’s hair, as well as Jessica Biel and new-comer Jennifer Lawrence) for some of his best glam, big-night-out
hair tips. Here are his dos and don’ts when it comes to red carpet style:

Don’t … 1. Over style. One of Mark’s biggest no-nos is trying to make your hair do something is just doesn’t want to do. "Learn to work with your own texture instead," he suggests. For Lea Michele’s look at the SAG awards (Above), Mark went brought out her natural waves with a ’70s-inspired, Bianca Jagger look.
2. Don’t get talked into anything. If you have a big night out, party or wedding to attend, don’t let the stylist talk you into anything your not comfortable with. That means if you’re not into
Rihanna‘s recent head of spirals or Reese’s bouffant ponytail, speak up.
3. Don’t add too much product. "Your hair should be soft, it should move," explains Mark. "It should look natural and you should be able to touch it."

Do … 1. Own the look. You can definitely take a risk, says Mark, but the key with any hairstyle is to have confidence and feel comfortable with the look. "I used to work a lot with
Cate Blanchett and she would always let me do something different or take a risk. But she would always have confidence, so no matter what, she looked amazing."
2. Let yourself shine through. Don’t let your hair be the one thing people focus on. "Know yourself, let your personality come through," says Mark.
3. Get your hair in good condition. Mark stresses the importance of hair maintenance, especially when getting ready for a special occasion. His top product pick?
Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Smoothing Cream, geared to give you soft, shiny hair without frizz thanks to almond, coconut and mineral oil.
What’s your biggest hair don’t? Fill us in below!

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