WHO: Mathilde Thomas, Co-founder of luxury natural skincare brand Caudalie.

WHERE: The members-only Harvard Club in New York.

RAISED: Grenoble, France.

"When we created the com­pany, I was 23 years old. From day one, I—and the scientists I worked with—knew we had an incredible molecule [resveratrol, a potent antioxidant found in grapevines]. I still test every single formula coming out of the lab. Usually it takes me, on average, 100 trials to find the perfect recipe. Our newest line, Resveratrol LIFT, not only works to firm the skin but also re-plumps."

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“This year, our family is moving to Hong Kong because Caudalie is growing very fast in Asia and I think Asia needs us. For me, Asia is a big source of inspir­ation—all the essences and products, the sheet masks, the packaging.

“I’m very glad that my husband is my business partner. That helps a lot, because all we think about is our com­pany—when we’re not thinking of family and the kids, of course! He also really helps with balance. I think that if you want to have a great career as a woman, you need to find the right man. You need to balance your business, your relationships and your friendships. Pamper yourself. Go to the spa sometimes, go to the hairdresser.

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“I design products for Caudalie that I want for myself. The priority is for them to be very effective. But I also want the formula to be green [natural and environmentally friendly]. Then I want the product to feel luxurious, to smell lux­urious and to be very refined. So, I want it all!”

From left: Caudalie Resveratrol LIFT Eye Lifting Balm ($62); Caudalie Resveratrol LIFT Night Infusion Cream ($79); Caudalie Resveratrol LIFT Firming Serum ($86); . (Photo: Geoffrey Ross)


Makeup mantra: “I keep 
it simple because life is complex.”

Vacation spot: The Hamptons.”

Exercise regimen: "Frenchwomen don’t do enough sport, but I try to run on the weekends. My husband does triathlons, so he pushes me. We swim a lot. And we bike in the city. I biked here [to the interview] today.”

Health plan: "Every year I do a grape 
detox in September, eating only grapes for three days with water and herbal tea. I can see that my skin is so much better.”

How she treats herself: “Frenchwomen approach beauty with a pleasure principle. We think we should enjoy a glass of red 
wine and that we should enjoy every single food—
just in very tiny bits!”

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