There’s a reason why countless celebs— from Brigitte Bardot to Amy Winehouse to, now, Kate Middleton—have made eyeliner their beauty signature. “It defines the eyes, improves their shape and gives the illusion of thicker lashes,” says David Vincent, international makeup artist for Lise Watier Cosmétiques. Follow these tips to keep all eyes on you.


Black eyeliner never goes out of style, but this season it has a graphic edge. “The line is very visible, not smudged, and worn with an almost bare face,” says Vincent. Some designers gave it a ’60s spin, framing the upper lashes with a thin line (at Stella McCartney) or a thick one (at D&G). At Giorgio Armani, the look was more theatrical, with not one but two lines extending past the outer corners yet never connecting. Not sure you can handle a precision application? Take your cue from Lanvin, where the heavy, square­shaped wings were meant to look like the models had drawn them themselves.


Before you channel your inner Catwoman, know that “the cat eye is a little different for fall/winter,” says Susana Hong, a celebrity makeup artist with Page One Management in Toronto. “Instead of flicking it up, it goes out horizontally.” Start by placing a dot at the outer corner of each eye to create a guide for where the wings should end (and to ensure symmetry). Then, instead of drawing your line from the inner corner out, start at the dots. To prevent the shakes, Hong rests her pinky finger on her cheek to help steady her hand as she draws in short, quick strokes. Follow your natural eye contour, keeping the line as close to the lashes as possible. After you’ve made one pass, go over it again to perfect the shape. A thicker line will play up small eyes, while an ex­ tended wing will make round eyes appear more almon-­like.

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Whether you choose a gel, liquid or pencil de­ pends on the look you want to achieve—and how long you need it to last. Gel and liquid liners have the most staying power and are ideal for angular looks because they dry quickly and can’t be smudged. If you struggle with application, look for a felt­tip liquid liner pen, says Vincent. “You can just hold it on an angle and press the side of the tip along the lashes, repeating it all the way across to create a line.” Although it’s less on trend this season, Hong likes creamy (not dry) pencils for a blended, smoky effect. For maximum longevity, go for one of the new water­resistant formulas.

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