When the weather heats up, there’s no need to skip your makeup routine, according to Bobbi Brown. “Come summer, you want to simplify your look, not get rid of makeup altogether,” says Brown.

“The right makeup can give you that coveted, sun-kissed glow.” To ensure a smooth application, it’s essential to prep the skin. Opt for a matifying lotion such as Lise Watier Bio Matifying Day Fluid SPF 15 on oilier areas of the face. Or choose a primer such as Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer ($44) to prolong the colour and intensity of your makeup. No matter what, SPF is an absolute must!

Bobbi Brown’s tips

1.Oilier skin types should opt for an oil-free foundation. For drier skin, a tinted moisturizer is the best bet. “Summer skin should be dewy, not greasy.”

2.A more natural, pinky-brown bronzer replaces the orange, shimmery bronze we saw in past summers. “Apply it just where the sun naturally hits your skin: the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.”

3.Brown suggests either eyeshadow or eyeliner-not both. Eyeshadow should always be powder-based, and liners last longer if they’re gel-based.

4.“Apply two coats of black mascara.” Choose a waterproof version or try a waterproofing seal, such as Clarins Fix Mascara.

5.A neutral, sheer lip is best. “Rose or sheer nude shades are flattering on almost everyone.”

6.Blotting papers are a summer staple for touch-ups. “They remove excess oil on the face and instantly refresh your makeup.”

Photo courtesy of F. Best

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