beyonceBlog For the second time in two weeks, the internet has been buzzing over the Queen B’s new ‘do. Will we be adding her to our list of
fave celebs with bobs? We asked our editors to weigh in on the pixie vs. bob debate.
Here’s what they had to say: "In principle, I love the pixie because it’s such a
dramatic beauty dare, but overall, I think the bob suits her face shape better. I’m so happy she made the cut. Short hair looks so much fresher than standard tousled Hollywood hair seen on every red carpet, from pseudo celebs to true A-listers. Hopefully, this will inspire other celebs to follow suit!"
—Laura deCarufel, executive editor "I want it. It’s super sleek and elegant, with just enough edge."
– Ava Baccari, web writer "For a celeb who hasn’t changed her hair in half a decade, I thought Beyonce’s pixie was fresh and young. But, to quote my friend (who is a die-hard ‘Beyoyo’ fan, by the way), ‘Hello Victoria Beckham, circa 7 years ago!!’".
– Noah Lehava, web editor "I think she had hair cut regret after her pixie! Maybe it was too short too soon for Beyonce. The bob is definitely more polished, but I’ll miss her full mane (how will she do her infamous hair flips and tosses while dancing now?)"
-Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington, senior web editor