By Jennifer Weatherhead Who wouldn’t want to look in their holiday stocking and see a little
Chanel logo peeking out? I, for one, dream of only getting Chanel gifts under the tree (
can you imagine?! Sigh.) and while that’s probably not going to happen, I am completely content with a little something Chanel to brighten my holidays. This year I’m lusting after this set of mini brushes in a chic black pouch that slips easily into my purse and is ideal for travelling. And the six brushes are essential to creating a flawless face — a
foundation brush,
blush brush, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brush, an eye contour brush and a lip brush. The Chanel website touts it as "More than an accessory, it’s a must-have companion…" I couldn’t agree more and hope to not only receive it this holiday, but I plan on giving it to a beauty loving friend as well!
Les Minis de Chanel, Complexion brushes Limited Edition, Chanel, $120.00 exclusive to Holt Renfrew.