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By: Courtney Hardwick

Chances are, you have probably noticed the
ombre hair trend making the rounds in Hollywood, and on the runway. Maybe you have even taken the plunge and tried it yourself. But if you love the ombre look and want something a little less permanent, you’re in luck. Ombre has now made its way to makeup. Ombre lips have been showing up on runways for Monique L’huillier, Christian Dior, and Prabal Gurung, and celebs like
Jessica Alba, Lily Collins, and Cher Llyod have all given the trend a try. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just hair and lips. Eye shadow and nail polish are also great ways to experiment with the ombre look.
Read on for more ways to give your makeup the ombre treatment…

 LIPS: There are a couple different ways to do ombre lips. You can line your lips with the darkest shade, and gradually get lighter towards the inside of your lips. Like this:
Anna Sui Or you could do the opposite and keep the center dark, and blend outward for a lighter shade around the edge. Like this:

EYES: Blending your eye shadow is probably already a daily thing. But try using a variety of different colours to create a more dramatic smoky effect. Purple and pink blend together well, like this:
Scott emn S14 005

Metallics are another trend that go great with the ombre look. Try a silver and gold variation, like this: 6_ombre-eyes

NAILS: Your nails are one place you can throw caution to the wind, and really go for it. Try a glittery ombre, like this:


Or, try something really unique, like this:

Westwood-R-L-emn-F13-005What do you think of the ombre makeup trend? Would you wear any of these styles?

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