Every once in a while we tire of lipstick with a bold pop of colour like red, hot pink or orange. Sometimes, keeping things monochrome, simple and nude is our best option. The trouble is, nude lipstick can be just as tricky (if not trickier) to wear as a bright hue. Picking the right shade for you, the ideal texture and
finding one that will last – all tough questions when it comes to nude lipstick that we put to Caitlin Callahan, M.A.C Cosmetics senior artist. Here are her best beauty tips on pulling off a dreamy, creamy shade of nude lipstick.


Beauty tips: The definition of nude (lipstick, that is)

When we’re talking nude lipstick, we don’t mean one that has to be plain old beige. Nudes come in a wide variety of colours to pick from. “To me, a nude lipstick is one that closely resembles the colour of your skin tone – nothing too white or too matte,” explains Callahan. Save the matte and whiter shades for Halloween, and know your skin tone and its undertones. This season, Callahan says the nudes are less opaque, and don’t always need to be paired with a lip liner, which makes them easier to wear.

Beauty tips: Find the perfect shade

Just like trying to hunt down your ideal red lippy, finding your perfect nude shade can be difficult, unless you follow these rules. “Fair skins will look for shades with more white pigment and darker skin more brown,” says Callahan. “However the lip colours are similar,” she adds. “Look for a peachy/pink shade.” Don’t be disheartened if it takes some time or extra effort to get the perfect shade. “If there is a nude lipstick colour that you love on someone else but it doesn’t work on you, do not despair!” says Callahan. Use some makeup artist wizardry and dab on some concealer to tone down a naturally pink lip (Angelina Jolie uses trick trick all the time), fill in your lips with a nude lip pencil to make sure you get the true colour of the lipstick, or use M.A.C’s Lip Erase to reduce natural lip colour and start with a more even base.


Beauty tips: If you’re already pale …

“Anyone can wear nude lips,” says Callahan. Even those faired-skinned beauties? We’re thinking Nicole Kidman or Diane Kruger. Callahan says they too can sport nude lips, but to help keep the look fresh and healthy, add a dose of blush and/or bronzer to give the skin some extra glow.

To go glossy or matte … find out on the next page …

0-0-how-to-wear-nude-lips-page-2.jpgBeauty tips: Glossy or matte?
Super glossed lips can look a bit too pre-teen. But going super matte with nude lipstick can end up looking dry. Callahan’s best tip? “I prefer a semi-matte finish. Something that reflects some light but not too flat,” for that ideal notice-me lips that still look fresh, soft and supple.


Beauty tips: How to wear nude lipstick
You have the perfect shade and texture, now how do you wear it without looking like you’ve been hiding from the sun for weeks? “A liner will make the lipstick more dramatic so it’s up to the look you are trying to achieve,” explains Callahan. “If you choose a creamier finish, you will have to touch up a little more often (but they do look prettier!).” Just dab a creamy finished lipstick onto your lips or apply with a lip brush and you’ll be good to go.

For the rest of your make up, amp up the sex appeal with dark rimmed eyes. “Dark eyes with a nude lip is an instantly sexy look,” suggests Callahan. “For something more modern, try grey eyes (try MAC Cosmetics Tailor Grey Paintpot) and tons of mascara.”


Or keep things soft and simple with a hint of blush, mascara and powder only where needed.

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