Money can’t buy beauty or style, and Hollywood red carpets are a perfect example of this fashion truth. With big bank accounts and a team of stylists and artists at the ready, you would think that every major celebrity would step out as a beacon of both style and beauty on every occasion. As we see at event after event, fashion and beauty missteps can happen to anyone (even A-list celebrities). Read below for our top five beauty blunders of 2011 — you might be surprised at who needs to review some beauty tips.


1. Worst eye makeup: Zooey Deschanel, at the L.A. premiere of Our Idiot Brother
While we understand that retro makeup (and retro eye makeup, specifically) are definitely on trend right now, Zooey Deschanel shows us why going Mod should be done with flicked eyeliner, and not with scarily separated false lashes on both the top and bottom lashes in an homage to 1960s Twiggy. As a whole look, Deschanel’s garish eye makeup paired with a curled updo and ruffled collar leave us wondering if she unintentionally donned “clown-chic” instead of retro-eclectic. As a lesson for all of us, this beauty blunder is a perfect example for why falsies are best left for the upper lash line. If you do want to attempt Twiggy-esque lashes, make sure to follow our beauty tips so you don’t commit this same beauty blunder.


2. Worst hair colour: Blake Lively
In the spring, we saw a celebrity hair colour trend of blonde icons going red — Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson and Whitney Port all tried out a strawberry shade. When Lively debuted her look at Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People party, she didn’t do so subtly. With her freshly dyed red locks, finger waves and sea-green gown, the contrived Little Mermaid reference was hard to ignore. For a star likely Lively who has a brand that she banks on (California blonde), this was a big beauty blunder in our books. (And we think she agreed — she was back to her signature sunny blonde within weeks).

The next few celebrities could use some beauty tips, too. More celebrity beauty blunders on the next page ….


3. Worst powder: Ashley Judd on her book tour
This hard-to-believe beauty blunder has happened more than once (Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman and Eva Longoria also come to mind) and every time we see a celebrity step out with powder gone rogue, we always question how this beauty mishap is even possible: A makeup artist with a vengeance? A room without mirrors? For whatever reason, this beauty blunder exists and in April, Ashley Judd promoted her book
All That is Bitter and Sweet in New York looking much like a mime in a rush. This unfortunate beauty disaster seems to be the result of a high-definition powder that’s best left for use with television cameras – not flash photography. This is a makeup mishap for the record books.


4. Worst all-over hair and makeup: Katy Perry at the Smurfs movie premiere in New York
Where do we start with Katy Perry at this movie premiere? The brassy (verging on orange), reverse ombré hair colour drowns out her skin tone while her overdone eyebrows and caked-on foundation and eye makeup seem like she’s like a caricature of herself. If any celebrity is in desperate need of a beauty make-under, it would have to be Mrs. Russell Brand. How refreshing would it be to see Perry with a natural hair colour and “no-makeup” makeup that allows her true beauty to shine through? At this event, and many others in 2011, it’s hard to even discern the actual contours of her face. Keep the extreme makeup for the stage, Katy.


5. Worst lipstick: Paz de la Huerta at the Emmy Awards 2011
Known for her left-of-centre lifestyle and attitude, Paz de la Huerta demands attention on the red carpet and more often than not, critics are rolling their eyes instead of applauding. At this year’s Emmy Awards, de la Huerta showed up with one of the fakest tans in recent history and a lipstick best described as “pallid.” This lipstick choice might actually work on the runway at Gareth Pugh but in the real world, this is a perfect example of avant-garde beauty best kept for the runway or fashion editorials. To add insult to injury, her hair looked like a wig or extensions gone terribly wrong. She’s breaking every beauty rule with this look.

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