Winged-out eyeliner takes your look to new heights.

Expert beauty tips:

Rachel Elmore, lead trainer for Nars Cosmetics, helps you achieve this runway look.

• Sweep ivory shadow from the lash line to the browbone. Using an eyeliner brush, apply black cream or gel liner along the entire upper lash line, flicking it up and out at the outer edge of the eye.

• To prevent smudging, take a flat brush and trace over the line with matte black shadow. Finish with two coats of thickening black mascara.

• Keep the look fresh with a peachy-pink blush and a neutral-toned lipstick.

Full, defined arches make a comeback.

Expert beauty tips:

Sara Whittaker, director of education, Clinique Canada, helps you achieve this runway look.

• To determine where brows should start, hold a pencil straight up against the side of the nose. Locate the arch by tilting the pencil to align with the outer edge of the iris. Line up brow ends with the outer edge of the eye and nostril.

• Brush brows upward and pluck any stray hairs underneath.

• Where hair is sparse, fill in with a brow pencil in a slightly lighter shade than your brow colour, using short, feathery strokes. Add dimension with brow powder, applied with a slanted-tip brush.