Beauty quest: The perfect blow dry

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I’m on a mission this spring. To get the perfect blow dry down with my eyes closed. Right now it’s a lot of “ughs” and sighs and occasionally me dropping either my brush or hairdryer on the floor (the huge crack on my hairdryer is evidence). And then my
hair is never as smooth as I would like it to be. So I’m rounding up tips form the pros on how to get the
best blowout ever. Cody Alain, Toronto hairstylist is first, with tips on how to do the deed without damaging your hair:
“Pay more attention to the blow drying process. Point the blow dryer downwards as that’s how the hair grows. Use a flexible tipped paddle brush to guide the hair through. If you’re blowing the hair all around making a big fuzz ball you’ve only worked against the final result. Plus the smoothing will last longer this way if you’re careful about blow drying.” What are your best blow drying tips? Please share!
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