Beauty prep: “Perfection ain’t easy”, which is why Diddy uses eye masks

Jan 14 2014 by
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Photo via Iamdiddy’s instagram I don’t get on an airplane without a moisturizing eye mask from Chantecaille or SK-II tucked in my carry on. These are necessary so I can: 1. Scare small children on the airplane 2. Arrive looking human. It looks like Diddy uses his eye masks before a big night on television- he was a presenter at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night. Props to him for sharing this with the internet; I prefer to keep my eye bags private. Click through to read Diddy’s pre party prep advice.

"For the next hour I’m giving a tutorial on how to get ready for the Golden Globes. These here are cucumber patches flown in from Milan. I know it looks crazy, but nobody said perfection was easy." Note: he also coordinated his 15 carat sapphire pinky ring to his bottle of Ciroc. Not for amateurs.  
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