Beauty obsession: The. Best. Facial. Ever.

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Is there anything more luxurious than a
facial? In my world … no. And, I think I’ve found the best facial in the Toronto area (or the whole country for that matter). The first step is to visit
Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario and book yourself a Bliss treatment from the spa. It’s more than just a facial, it’s a 2-hour whole body experience, from your feet to your hair (yes, this facial includes a hair treatment). Here’s how it goes down.
Step 1: You get a skin analysis via a high-tech machine that measures the moisture level of your skin and
depth of wrinkles. Scary process, but worth doing so you know what you need to focus on. For me, my forehead was lacking in moisture more than anywhere else.
Step 2: Once you’re tucked under the warm covers, the facialist will give your toes and feet a massage, touching on pressure points to help ease away stress.
Step 3: Using the high-end Swiss line,
Valmont (which contains salmon DNA that helps with cellular repair and those pesky fine lines), you get a cleanse, tone and mask.

Step 4: Instead of the traditional extractions and steam (and let’s face it, extractions hurt!), this facial is more focused on relaxation for the skin. So a deep exfoliating mask is put on problem areas, that acts like an extraction, minus the pain.
Step 5: While the mask does its wonders, a portable sink is pulled up and placed under your head while you’re still lying down (this sounds odd, but trust me, it’s actually way more comfortable than getting your hair washed at the salon). You get an amazing head and scalp massage, and a soothing hair treatment that adds shine, volume.
Step 6: After a hair rinse, you’ll finish up your facial with a hand and arm massage and rich creams for your face to plump and fill
fine lines. By the end of the two hours, you’ll be in heaven! If you go to the spa at
Langdon Hall you won’t be disappointed. Although the spa’s not the only reason you should make a visit. Here are a few more tempting reasons:
1. It’s only
an hour outside of Toronto. You’ll feel like you’re much, much farther away, making it the ideal mini-getaway.
2. The food is divine and Chef Jonathan Gushue is a delight. He’s incredibly passionate about the food he prepares, and it shows. Healthy lunches, delicious brunches and a dinner experience that you won’t forget is pretty much a guarantee.
3. The charm of the building and the ridiculously friendly staff make your stay relaxing and upscale all at the same time.
Where is you favourite weekend getaway?

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