By Jennifer Weatherhead This is now my morning routine: Wake up, make some tea and plop in front of my laptop to scour the celeb and beauty blogs for the latest pictures of Rihanna. Yes, it’s a sad state to be in, but I am obsessed, repeat,
obsessed with her
ever-changing hair. Some praise her for her relentless choice to take fashion risks — I applaud her courage to shave the sides of her hair, wear a  seriously short bob, rock a curly mop and try out every colour of the rainbow when it comes to shades. And lately she’s been experimenting a fire engine red hue. Personally I love this colour is and think it’s fierce (maybe because I would never have the guts to try out this shade). But what do you think? Do you like her
red locks? Are they too over the top? Remind you of Ronald McDonald? And do you like her hair long or short? Post a comment below and let us know which Rihanna hair style you like the best!