Why blue is the new black when it comes to lashes. This season, backstage beauty entered a blue period with everyone from Stella McCartney to Anna Sui debuting navy, indigo and sapphire eye makeup on the runway. We were hooked. And while the vibrant cobalt, semi-spider lashes Pat McGrath created backstage at McCartney may be a bit too bold for everyday wear, mixing a subtle indigo tint into your lash line can be sophisticated, bold and striking. To keep the look from entering into the tacky, Nicki Minaj-esq territory, be sure to pair your coloured lashes with a
bare face and pay extra attention to perfecting your complexion. That means skincare is paramount and finding the right foundation/concealer is essential. While mascara is a great entry way to coloured lashes, this winter we blend the benefits of lash extensions with this modern and playful trend using
Misencils lash extensions. This Canadian company offers a range of bright synthetic lash extensions that can be added to your natural lash line to create a bold, permanent statement. Lash colour selection is also key. We haven’t completely forgotten the amazing electric pink lashes seen last year at Victor & Rolf, but we recommend opting for a blue shade for long-term wear. (If the recent Manic Panic revival isn’t enough proof that blue is having a major moment, these lashes ought to do the trick.)
Here’s why:

  • Blue is guaranteed to flatter everyone, regardless of skin tone or eye colour. If you have green eyes, choose a blue shade with a slight purple undertone to give eyes an added pop. We love Misencils lash extensions in Night Blue.
  • Subtly. Coloured lashes can be like nail art: amazing in theory but can cross over into the land of tacky, easily. A set of dark blue lash extensions—even a cluster of navy lashes added to the outer corner of your lash line– creates a subtle effect that translates from a meeting with the CEO to your family holiday party without embarrassment or injury
  • Blue lashes help to open the eye, create the illusion that eyes are bigger and enhance the white of your eyes. Translation: eternal, doe-eyed innocence and feminine appeal. Cue the slew of able-bodied suitors and happy flirting.

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