Beauty obsession: Matte nail polish

Oct 18 2010 by
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By Jennifer Weatherhead
Name: Nicole by OPI Matte Collection
The specs: I love nail polish … no big news there, but I recently painted my fingers with something a little different — matte
nail polish. I’m so used to the slick, super shiny finish for most polishes that I was a bit reluctant to give this trend a try, but I have to say I LOVE it. My choice was
Nicole by OPI‘s Virtuous Violet from their matte collection (the purple hue pictured above). It’s a great shade of purple with little flecks of shimmer. It looks shiny in the bottle, but once it dries it’s perfectly matte. And while it was hard to resist applying a glossy topcoat, looking at my nails right now, I love the texture and the matte finish for fall. To maintain the matte finish, it’s recommended to avoid using a topcoat, drying drops and hand lotion, so it might be tricky to get used to for all you hand lotion lovers.
Application tips and where to buy after the jump!

Tip: It turns matte quite quickly, so it may look dry, but it still needs the same amount of time as regular polish to set. You can also see any streaks once it dries, so be sure to apply an even coat of lacquer each time.
Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart, $10.49.

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