Kim’s makeup wedding day makeup. Image courtesy Instagram.

In one of the close-up, photo booth photos to surface since Kimye’s extravagant, gilt-trippy wedding this weekend, it appears Kim Kardashian went with the same fresh-face makeup approach she’s been embracing lately. There’s some klassic Kardashian kontouring, dense lashes (though, not as OTT as we’ve seen in the past) and slightly glossy nude lips. Another photo surfaced from what appears to be the ring exchange on the viewpoint—and though quite pixelated, I think I can make out smooth, loose waves (almost "bends"–read more about that in our July issue) spilling down her back. Her hair is noticeably shorter, as she had a fresh trim over a week ago in LA, before jetting to Paris.

Bravo, Kim. I’m into this sculpted, natural makeup—and yes, I’m aware the latter term is used quite relatively when talking about her. But guys, she’s come a loooong way. Is this Kanye’s influence, or that of makeup-free French women?


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