Talk about jumping on Peter Pan’s ‘we-won’t-grow-up’ bandwagon.
M.A.C‘s latest collaboration unites the beauty brand with entertainment giant Disney for this limited-edition colour collection,
Venomous Villains. Inspired by three of Disney’s most vicious vipers, Cruella de Vil of
101 Dalmatians, the Evil Queen from
Snow White, Maleficent of
Sleeping Beauty, and one dastardly fellow, Dr. Facilier from
The Princess and the Frog, each hue is based around the original Pantone colours, guaranteeing authentic sinister shades. With Halloween just around the corner there is no better time, or occasion, to channel your inner bitch and indulge your evil twin. My only question: why didn’t a flamboyant, bejeweled, lip-plumped Ursula make the final cut?
By Lauren Grosberg, Image courtesy of M.A.C