Nothing says sex appeal like a woman who is confident in her beauty choices. We’ve enlisted the help of the pros for sure-fire tips to up the ante for not only Valentine’s Day but all year long. So get on with your self-assured self and shine on. Here’s how:

Spotlight stealer: Wear a bold, bright, look-at-me lip.
Wearing one of the season’s hottest looks–a bold, bright lip–reveals a lot about you: you’re not afraid of attention. “As someone who wears bright, bold colours most of the time, I have to say that you definitely need to have a good attitude about yourself to wear it,” says Mila Victoria, a freelance makeup artist in Toronto. “These shades are not for the shy type.”

How to rock this look: Go simple on the eyes, especially during the day, when going bold with your lips. If you’re a tad uneasy, Mila suggests applying a swipe of the lipstick and lightly blotting off on a tissue. “This will give you a more natural, stained lip, which can be worn anytime,” she says.

Try: Gosh in #306, Nars in Schiap or Chanel Rouge Allure in Precious.

Spotlight stealer: Flash a pearly white smile.
When you’ve got gleaming white teeth, you smile with assurance, beaming good energy to everyone around you. Dentist Jonathan Shainhouse agrees. “A bright smile can light up a room and as a rule is associated with success and good health,” he says.

How to rock this look: To help you pretty up your pearly whites, Shainhouse created a collection of whitening products, Love That White Smile.

Try: Love That White Smile Teeth Cleaning Pen –perfect for whitening on the go, this pen easily tucks into your handbag and takes just seconds to use. Got more time? Crest 3D White Professional Effects Whitestrips, when used along with Crest 3D White MultiCare Whitening Rinse and the Oral-B Pulsar 3D White Advanced Vivid toothbrush, is said to provide noticeable results after just one day.

Spotlight stealer: Flaunt hair with megawatt shine.
A mane that’s healthy, well-maintained and good to the touch is where confidence lives when it comes to your hair, says celeb hair stylist Charles Baker Strachan. “It’s a very sensual thing–when your hair is soft and you feel your hair swing and bounce and it’s radiant, you feel joy,” he says.

How to rock this look: To boost shine, there’s a movement away from oils and shine sprays, says Charles. “These take away from the weightless of gorgeous hair,” he says. How to get that shine then? “Great hair starts in the shower,” he says, recommending the new formulations from Herbal Essences. These revamped shampoos and conditioners keep the surfactants and hydrators separate (until activated by water), which means they have double the hydration compared to previous formats. And greater hydration equals shinier, lush hair. Two other shine-boosting must-haves: a boar-bristle brush and an ionic blow dryer will both help close the cuticle and smooth it out.

Get flawless, glowing skin on the next page …boudoir-beauty.jpg

Spotlight stealer: “Smize” without even trying.
Tyra Banks’ always coaching her Top Models to smize–smile through their eyes, that is. “It’s almost a catch 22 as if you don’t feel confident you won’t look it either. A day can be ‘make or break’ with the first 20 mins of getting up–if you’re looking tired you’ll looking down at your feet for the day,” says Andrea Claire, celebrity makeup artist.

How to rock this look: To perk up your eyes on days you’re just not feeling it Andrea recommends starting with a great eye cream–“Keep Sampar Eye Rule in the fridge and the roller ball and cream wil cool, which feels so fresh and eyepopping when you put it on,” she says. Next, curl your lashe or use a curling mascara. As for makeup, undereye concealer is a must, and then sheer cream shadows are your best bet. “The shimmery reflective quality diffuses circles and fine lines,” says Andrea, who favours those from Benefit (Birthday Suit, to name just one shade). Also, Cargo HighLighter are like an instant wake-up call for your eyes. She suggests using it on your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes for a quick, easy to apply pick me up.

Spotlight stealer: Get glowing.
Nothing exudes your inner confidence better than radiant, glowing skin.

How to rock this look: Exfoliate your skin every other day, says beauty expert Maria Hatzistefanis–who’s also the creator of Rodial. Also, you’ll want to emphasize your glowing skin with a moisturizer with a luminosity to it. Note: When shopping for an exfoliator, you’ll want to look for one with both chemical and mechanical exfoliators–ie. one with fruit acids and exfoliating beads. Try: Nib Fab Facial Polish. This affordable option, launching in Canada in March, contains both bamboo micro-particles and skin-brightening salicylic acid to gently slough away dead skin cells.

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