1. The red lip at 3.1 Phillip Lim
Katherine Flemming, beauty and health editor: The not-so-subtle ’90s reference of this look makes my heart swell. Also, bold lips in NYC? This could mean we’re swinging back from last season’s lip balm bonanza.
Victoria DiPlacido, assistant beauty editor: The reign of balm (seemingly) continues for fall. This red lip was an unexpected, but very welcome, dose of lip colour on the runways.

2. Americana at Ralph Lauren
KF: A dramatic, deep side part paired with rosy cheeks is a boring-but-pretty combo I can get behind.
VDP: I know this look isn’t crazy innovative, but I love all-American, low-key hair and makeup. And sometimes a beauty palette cleanser is needed (see: Jeremy Scott.)

3. The top knots at Marc Jacobs
KF: I’m SO OVER TOPKNOTS but adore the idea of any sort of bun, so the placement here, at the front of the forehead, delights me.
VDP: This look may have been inspired by “uptown girls,” but I know firsthand that university students have been sporting this hairstyle for years.

4. The greasy knots at Vera Wang
KF: Paul Hanlon wanted to “age” the hair, which sounds interesting but just means greasy. The twists are quite beautiful though.
VDP: Paul Hanlon’s take on handsome hair looked just right against the feminine-detailing in the clothing.

5. The black headbands at Proenza Schouler
KF: I always expect to fall asleep from boredom with this look but the headbands and kookily-placed eyeliner energized me.
VDP: The hair is pretty, but has a certain grit: the leather headband brings the look from girlie to sporty.