As teens, many of us put on makeup to look older—in the hopes of sneaking into a nightclub or catching the eye of that college hottie we had a crush on. But then we hit a certain age and all we want to do is look younger. It seems when we weren’t paying attention, fine lines have taken residence on our face and when we put on more makeup now, it only seems to age us even more. This is when you need to keep the following youthful pointers in mind.

Makeup tips to look younger: Be selective with the colours you wear

For lips, makeup artist Vanessa Jarman suggests sticking to the pink or coral families. “Although a
classic bright red lip is also a great option for any age,” she adds. You’ll want to be careful with brown tones when it comes to your lipstick as earthy tone tend to flatten the face, says Jarman, adding that they can make your lips look small rather than plush and full.

On the cheeks, you can’t go wrong with pinks and corals, she says (Noticing a theme here? Rosy and peachy hues translate to youthfulness.)

Makeup tips to look younger: Don’t shy away from shine

More than just smart colour choices, consider the textures you wear, too. “I’m a supporter of any woman wearing a sheen or slightly shimmered texture on the eyes, lips or checks,” says Jarman. What you’ll want to skip if you’re more mature is large flakes of glitter—these will emphasize lines and just come off as though you’re trying too hard.

Makeup tips to look younger: Moisturize your face well

One product you don’t want to skimp on when applying it is your moisturizer. Well hydrated skin looks more plump and youthful, so applying a generous amount of moisturizer to the skin first to build a smooth surface will subtract years from your face. Plus, it preps your skin for your foundation.

Makeup tips to look younger: Go with more moisture-rich formulations

If you want your skin to look supple, plump and fresh (something you may find your skin lacking as you get older), Jarman, a Rimmel London makeup artist, suggests using cream and gel formulas for their dewy finish and glow.

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Makeup tips to look younger: Use a foundation in a warm or cool hue

When selecting a foundation, you want to match it to your décolletage, says Jarman, whether it be warm (golden tones) or cool (rosy tones). Avoid anything that has an undertone of grey or even green as this will add years to your look, and be careful going with too light a shade. “A foundation that is too light will give an ashy finish, and this can read as dull and caked on,” she says. Don’t forget that you’ll need to change your foundation colour with the seasons—we all get some sort of tan in the summer no matter how much sunscreen we diligently put on.

Makeup tips to look younger: Experiment with highlighting products

Add luminosity to your complexion by trying some highlighters in a cream or liquid format. Jarman says you can try them underneath your foundation (“This will give a subtle glow,” she says) or overtop at your cheekbones or under the bridge of your nose. She recommends Nars Copacabana and Sally Hansen All Over Brightener. Jarman swears that this pink-hued instantly lifts the face without any surgery. “Apply to the nasal folds, marionette lines and the outer corners of the eyes in an upward sweep for a brightened, lifted effect,” she says. Powder your face, but with a light hand

Pat on too much powder and the overly matte finish will read as dull and dry, says Jarman (and dull and dry translate to “old”). “I’m not suggesting never powdering your face, just be precise.”

Makeup tips to look younger: Wear mascara on the upper lashes only

“I’m obsessed with applying mascara to only the top lashes these days,” says Jarman. “If I haven’t created a smokey eye, I don’t feel the need to paint the bottom lashes.” This helps to keep the undereye look bright and fresh, says the Toronto-based makeup artist.

Makeup tips to look younger: Experiment with the season’s beauty trends

Nothing will age you faster if you’re applying makeup in the same way since you were in high school. Beauty looks evolve (think of the streak of blush from the 80s). “Switching up your look will help with a more youthful appearance,” says Jarman.

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