Love, love, love this clean, yet punchy look from
Carolina Hererra’s spring/summer 2011 collection. Models sported a gorgeous wash of redish-pink swept across their lids with more saturated colour on the outer corners. This look may appear tricky, but with the help of
Revlon‘s National Makeup Artist, Jacquie Hutchinson, it’s easier than you think — and totally wearable! You’ll be wanting to wear this daily, trust me! Here are Jacquie’s tips:
"This is such a great look! I love that it is with neutral fashion. Grey is the new black, and so not a dull colour anymore. It looks great against your skin and is perfect for wearing such a bold shade on your eyes," says Jacquie. To create this look, first take a cue from your clothes. "Make sure that your clothing is not clashing with your makeup colours. Opt for neutral, it will look fashion forward versus having the makeup wear you," suggests Jacquie.
1. Keep skin and lips simple This look is all about the eyes, so keep the rest of the face fresh and simple. "Just a wash of colour on the cheek bones, clear gloss, or very sheer gloss (that needs to be in the same tone as the colour on the eyes) on the lips," Jacquie recommends. "For the cheek, it should be contoured," says Jacquie. Instead of
apply blush on apple of cheek, start on the bone and go up in a straight line into the hairline. Don’t use a circular motion — use a straight line right up into the hairline and softly blend to get the illusion of definition.