Beauty how-to: A polished summer hairstyle

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Does anyone else get tired of the standard
wavy beach hair that we see every summer? I do love the easy breezy look and feel of beachy waves, but every now and then I want a super sophisticated, sleek ‘do that will be perfect for a late night summer party, wedding, or just on a day when I don’t want to combat frizz. Look no further than Max Mara. It’s not only
impeccably smooth hair, but it’s slicked and groomed back from the face (there’s no hiding here!). I LOVE it. It’s polished, and oh-so-chic. I asked Justin German, co-owner of
Shagg Salon in Toronto and
Pantene spokesperson for his tips.
“To me the way this is flat, almost tunnel hair, all down the back is quite a strong look,” says Justin. “It’s a nice departure look from flowy, beachy hair. For a girl that really wants to make a statement and is really secure with slicking it off their face, this is a great look.”
Step 1: Start by shampooing with an anti-frizz cleanser and conditioner. This is a look that really calls for no fly-aways.
Step 2: “On wet hair put the
Pantene Medium-Thick Hair Solutions Heat Protection & Shine Spray,” says Justin. “This will lead into keeping fly-aways and frizz away because there’s an anti-humidity protectant in that.”

Step 3: Smooth out your locks by blow-drying them. “The easiest thing to do is blow-dry hair upside down to get moisture out, then use big paddle brush (boar bristle is best) to blow-dry from roots down to the ends in a downward motion,” explains Justin. Be sure to keep the nozzle pointed down to ensure the hair cuticles are flat (this will reduce frizz).
Step 4: “Once dry, really it’s a matter of using a flat iron, just to smooth it out. And use a protectant,” says Justin. “If you have wavy or curly hair, use a protectant for that hair type (
Anti-Frizz Straightening Crème from the curly hair line), or a product that has anti-frizz or straightening properties.”
Step 5: Flat iron hair and then part hair at the round of the head temples and take that hair up to in a clip.
Step 6: “Then take pomade (try
Kevin Murphy’s Night.Rider) or wax and smooth back the side portions behind the ears. To make sure it stays smooth behind the ear and doesn’t pouf out, use bobby pins to secure the sides at the back of the head. This will keep the look nice and tight,” explains Justin.
Step 7: “Then lay the rest of the hair over the slicked back sides and bobby pins to hide it. Create your side part at the top and slick you hair back.”
Step 8: Brush it back and use a bit of hair spray to blend it in and cover those bobby pins. You’re sleek, polished ‘do is finished!
Do you like this look for spring or summer?

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