Beauty dare: Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2013 runway manicure

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Art direction by Samantha Battistone.

Two things about me: I’ve never worn black nail polish, and I only recently learned how to give myself a proper
at-home manicure. So when I came across the backstage photos of the beautiful half-moon nail designs that graced models at Oscar de la Renta’s Fall 2013 runway, I figured it was my chance to flex my manicure-giving muscles and replace Oscar’s mulberry nail shade for a stark black lacquer.
Here’s what you need to get the look: – black nail polish (I chose Essie in Licorice) – paper self-adhesive reinforcements – base coat and top coat – cuticle stick and oil – nail file and buffer – PATIENCE! (this is key)
oscardelarenta-manicure-two Remove any polish and file nails to desired length (I prefer short and square). Buff, then massage in cuticle oil and gently
push back cuticles. I learned this from our senior web editor Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington – we frequently pass around cuticle oil in the office – and I’m slowly making this a regular habit. Apply base coat, let dry and follow with top coat right after. Stick the top of the paper reinforcement on the white part of your nail (this creates the crescent along the bottom). Paint two coats of black, and remove the sticker before the polish dries completely. Paint over with two layers of top coat.
oscardelarenta-manicure-three Et voilà! My first at-home nail art manicure, complete. (Side note: This is also your personalized PSA on the importance of
cuticle oil.)
OVER TO YOU! Have you tried this look yet?
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