The Spa at Trump; images courtesy of Trump
45 minutes in the Turkish Hammam room
The Spa at Trump Soho, New York
The vibe: It’s the Trump. Expectations of over the top luxury, chandeliers and celebrities are realistic, and I’m guessing, encouraged. That said, the multi-level, 11,000 square foot spa is actually more understated elegance than crazy bling (thankfully). With indoor and outdoor relaxation rooms, private spa suites and stunning decorative accents like antique textiles and affountain carved from Calacatta gold marble, this is certainly a spa with a very nice wardrobe.
The treatment: It’s not often that a spa therapist greets you wearing a swimsuit and sarong. But if you’ve ordered up a session in the Turkish hammam, the therapist’s choice of wardrobe is a necessity—in other words, you’re going to get very wet, so skip the blowout that morning. As you lie naked (save for a pair of paper panties and a strategic towel) on the “belly stone”—a flat marble surface heated to 40.5°C—the traditional detoxifying ritual begins. Tiny lights embedded in a sea of iridescent tiles glimmer above while bowls of warm water are thrown vigorously and then poured gently over the body. Traditional kessa exfoliation mitts and cotton torbas (soap bags) are used to scrub a foaming
argan-oil– and jojoba-oil-based Castile soap into the skin before another round of water is thrown across the body to rinse off. When you emerge, soaked and invigorated, from the domed, elegant room, it feels like a rebirth.
Bliss factor: 2 out of 5 (it’s not a relaxing situation, frankly). But—if you’re looking to feel energized, with skin like a freshly scrubbed baby, this is a 5 out of 5 treatment.