Beauty bliss: Must-try massage treatments at the Auberge Saint-Antoine spa

Mar 20 2013 by
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Photo of Auberge Saint-Antoine. Image courtesy of Siren Communications.

There’s something innately indulgent about heading down to the spa at the
Auberge Saint-Antoine in plush slippers and a robe, sailing past the decked-out gym (ha!) and pouring a hot cup of tea to sip on before getting a massage. You won’t regret it, and it’s certainly called for after spending the day exploring the
idyllic winter wonderland scene that’s Quebec City this time of year. The massage treatments offered at this charming, rustic spa are provided by L’Attitude Massothérapie massage therapy centre and are a holistic healing escape from the bustle of Quebec’s quaint capital. We rounded up our top three picks for relaxing massage treatments to try the next time you’re in town.
Click here to read on for the top massage treatments to try at the Auberge Saint-Antoine spa!

Swedish massage ($95, 60 minutes) A classic yet blissful hour of total-body muscle relaxation.
Be sure to speak up to your therapist before beginning your treatment and voice your preference for pressure intensity and any areas you would like to focus on to relieve any tension and stress. Then close your eyes and allow yourself to be drifted back to your comfort zone.
Amma massage ($95, 60 minutes) A traditional Japanese massage – a close cousin of the shiatsu – this oil-free treatment provides a healing touch by stimulating energy flow throughout the body. You’re brought to a state of utter relaxation while rejuvenating tired muscles through a series of rhythmic movements, as well as rocking, tapping and stretching motions for a refreshed return to your daily routine.
California massage ($95, 60 minutes) Palm trees, beachy waves, the vegan fare – it’s always sunnier in California. So naturally, this bliss-inducing massage treatment has the body, mind and soul-healing inherent to this laidback locale. Your therapist uses oil and deep, long strokes to provoke total-body equilibrium. We’re pretty sure this is your happy place.

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