Beauty bliss: Get swizzled at Elbow Beach in Bermuda

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The Mandarin hotel group always get the spa atmosphere just right; dim, peaceful and modern.

The Rum Swizzle Ritual, $480 for three hours
Where: Elbow Beach, Bermuda
Spa vibe: Ditch the Bermuda shorts, visors and white runners where the cruise ships dock, because the
Elbow Beach Mandarin Hotel may be swanky, but it’s certainly not stuffy. The newly refurbished spa is a peaceful, chilled and relaxed space as you escape from the hot sun. The fact that you’re in a Mandarin spa should definitely up the ante – I have yet to find one I haven’t loved – add in the ocean views and intimate location and this is a little
slice of spa heaven.  Be sure to veg out in a comfy cabana poolside at the spa pre- or post-treatment overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with one of the island’s specialties – a fruity Rum Swizzle cocktail (rum punch with loads of lemon, lime, pineapple and grapefruit juices).

What: Have three hours to spare? Get ready to dive into a true Bermudian spa experience with the Rum Swizzle Ritual. The three hours will have you getting a soothing foot massage, a pineapple body scrub (that smells so delish you will definitely want to buy that scrub after to take home), then a dip in a tub filled with more Rum Swizzle ingredients (lemon, lime, pineapple, grapefruit juices and oils).  You can sip on the cheery drink while you soak and relax (trust me, one might not be enough. It’s that good). Then finish off you treatment with a full body and scalp massage using fruity oil extracts.

Read on to find out the best part of this spa experience!

A view of a private suite with a huge soaker tub.

If that’s not enough to set you totally at ease, this will be a major selling point. Do you hate getting undressed in a common locker room area then shoving your belongings into a cubbie?  Let’s face it — even if I have been hitting the gym extra hard for my bikini, getting naked or semi-naked in front of strangers isn’t my idea of fun. If you’re like me, you’ll love this. The spa comes with six ultra private suites where you can change, shower and keep all your belongings in the spacious room where you get your
massage and soak in the tub (if this could be my everyday bathroom, I’d be in heaven). It just makes the whole
spa experience even more relaxing and complete.
Luxe ingredients: All those fruity oils and juices from the cocktail concoction. Lemon and lime soothe, the pineapple refreshes and the grapefruit in essential oils calms and relaxes.
Bliss factor: 4 out of 5 aromatherapy oil drops. Whether you’re visiting for an hour facial, or a three-hour treatment, the private suites take it over the top.
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