Image courtesy of the Park Hyatt Toronto Stillwater Spa.

Buttered rum pedicure, Park Hyatt Toronto Stillwater Spa, $90 (approx. 60 mins)
Where: 4 Avenue Road, Toronto.
Spa vibe: I’ve always felt at ease in the calming ambiance of the Stillwater Spa, but this is the first time I picked up on the familiar sensation of a fresh-baked goodness wafting in the air of the spa’s pedicure station. A crème brûlée scent rises from the steamy milk bath foot soak and every treatment from there (butter rum sugar scrub, peppery caramel body cream-infused leg and foot massage, followed by a peach paraffin wax) conjures up the melt-in-your-mouth buttery indulgence of a Werther’s Original candy.
What: The best non-edible holiday treat I’ll indulge in this season, the buttered rum pedicure consists of pretty much all my favourite things in one sugar-scented and relaxing spa treatment.
Luxe ingredients: I kid you not, the ingredients’ list reads like a rich holiday eggnog: A butter brulée milk bath made infused with milk and sweet almond; a sugar scrub sweetened with brown sugar and premium aged rum; and vegan/gluten-free Back Country caramel body cream. All products are organic and made by FarmHouse Fresh.
Bliss factor: Five butter and rum-soaked spa towels of out five. Took every ounce of restraint not to lick off the sugar scrub.
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