Post-MFW Recuperation

By Karen Kwan MFW wrapped up on Thursday night with some super cute clothes from Barilà (not to mention some fantastic hair, which has me wishing I still owned a crimper) and an open-to-the-public show from Yso. After four long days of MFW,  I was exhausted just watching Denis and Amélie (we’re on a first-name basis now—he’s the
Pantene Pro-V consulting stylist in charge of hair at MFW and she’s the
Cover Girl makeup pro in charge of makeup ) on their feet day after day. So I was curious as to how they were going to relax after this hectic week. And it turns out that there is no rest for the talented: Denis is flying to Paris for a photo shoot for l’Officiel, and Amelie had to work on a photo shoot the very next day (“But Saturday, I’ll go for a nice, 90-minute massage at Balnea spa,” she says).