“For Eve Gravel, the inspiration is 1940s glamour but we’ve given the makeup a young and fresh take,” says Amélie Ducharme, artistic director for makeup at Montreal Fashion Week. The Cover Girl makeup pro went on to explain that since Gravels looks are being featured in a cocktail format (versus a runway show), the makeup has to be flawless as everyone will be up close to the models. That said, that also means the makeup can’t be too dramatic. “We’re not looking for a show effect,” says Ducharme. The good news for us ladies then? This gorgeous looks is very wearable. Here’s how to get the look.


“Skin is really milky and pale, but we want to still be able to still see the skin through it so it doesn’t get clownish,” says Ducharme. Start with lots of moisturizer to keep the skin dewy–Ducharme used Olay Regenerist all over the models face–and then a creamy foundation (Cover Girl Clean Makeup). Then skip blush, and use a pressed powder (such as Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powder in 260) to contour your cheekbones. This shade is a great tone on tone contour. Touch up with some powder near your nose if you need it, otherwise the goal is to keep a natural shine to the skin.

At Gravel, either the models
lips or eyes are highlighted, depending on their features and hair. Lips were done in a bold red. Ducharme started with Cover Girl Outlast Lipwear in Burgundy to line the lips before filling in with lip colour, Cover Girl Outlast Lipwear in 507 Ever Red-dy. If you prefer to put your eyes in the spotlight, try a liner such as Cover Girl Line Exact in Black and start with a thinner line in the inner corner of the eye and go slightly thicker as you extend the line outwards. Give the line a slight kick upwards toward the brow at the outer corner to keep it young. Then complete the look with several coats of mascara on the top lashes only (This keeps the eyes looking soft, says Ducharme).

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Photo taken with Fujifilm Finepix F300EXR.

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As with the makeup, hair was inspired by the 1940s but given a contemporary 2010 update. “Gravel wants the hair to look like ‘end-of’ day hair,” says Denis Binet. Which has proven to be a bit of an issue for the hair team given that Gravel’s show is one of the first of the day and the models have all arrived with freshly shampooed, very clean hair. The solution? Binet spends several long moments just running his hands through the models hair, manipulating it and occasionally taking a dab of Sebestien Molding Mud into his palm and working that meticulously massaging it through the hair. Next, he separates the hair into about five sections and pins them up to the scalp in large, swooping curls, using some Pantene Curl-y Hair Style Spray Gel as he works. When pinning your curls, “keep the roots and about three inches of hair flat, as you only want the waves to start where your hair hits your face,” says Binet. For thick, long hair, use a two-inch barrelled curling iron and curl the hair to further define the curl; release the curl into your palm and pin to your head immediately. This will help your hair hold onto the wave as the pin holds the curl’s shape as your hair cools off. (In fact, since Gravel’s show was taking place outside of Marche Bonsecours—the official venue of MFW—the models headed to the offsite venue with their hair pinned, only to be unpinned just before the cocktail—a good little trick for you if heading to an important soiree where you really want your do to last all night!)

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