What was it like backstage on Project Runway Canada?
“I tried to create a quiet energy because I knew a number of the designers were very anxious in this competition. I wanted the environment to be relaxing so they could just breathe and enjoy the experience.”

The L’Oréal Beauty Room is where the contestants went while the judges were deciding their fates on the show. What happened there?
“Initially, they were very focused and quiet, but I’m sure they were anxious about who would be eliminated. I even had butterflies in my stomach for each competitor during the elimination rounds! Pretty soon, a bond formed among the competitors, even though they were competing against each other.”

How did working on Project Runway Canada compare to creating the looks for L’Oréal Fashion Week in Toronto?
“In terms of the backstage atmosphere, there really wasn’t a difference between L’Oréal Fashion Week and . Each one has its own positive energy; the only difference was time. With L’Oréal Fashion Week, I had time to prepare and meet with the designers, view their collections and collaborate on a beauty look for the show. With Project Runway Canada, I only had a few minutes with the designers to create the makeup look.”

What was your biggest challenge on the show?
“To create a beautiful makeup look in a short amount of time that would make the designers happy. They would come to me with a swatch of fabric, and I would use this as inspiration to create the look without seeing the actual outfit.”

What was one of your personal highlights?
“My proudest moment was at the end of each show, seeing the look of excitement on the competitors’ faces and receiving their thanks for my ability to understand the stories behind their designs and capture them in a beauty look.”

What was your favourite episode?
“The magic of working on a show like is that every episode is unique. When viewers watch the show, I hope that they, too, are able to tap into the emotions we experienced during the filming.”How much did the designers direct your work?
“Some of the competitors came to me with an idea, and we would discuss it and refine it; others asked for my ideas. I would usually ask them, ‘How do you imagine your customer when she’s wearing your clothes?’ This question helped start the collaborative process.”

Were there any secret tricks or signature techniques that you used on the models?
“For TV and runway shows, the makeup has to be darker and more dramatic to have an impact. My tip for creating dramatic eyes — which means applying a lot of mascara — is to create the eye look before applying the foundation because often when you’re creating a darker eye, some of the product drops onto the cheek area. By applying the foundation after the eye makeup, you can easily remove the excess makeup. Doing a great look quickly is the key to working backstage. Another tip is to have the models use L’Oréal Paris Sublime Glow, which is a moisturizer with a hint of self-tanner. It makes their skin look luminous on TV.”

What were your top three makeup products that you couldn’t have done the show without?
“L’Oréal Paris’ Carbon Black Voluminous Mascara, True Match Super-Blendable Makeup and Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour.”

What fall beauty trends did you showcase?
“Metallics. We also used a lot of eyeliner around the eyes for a neo-punk effect.”